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Mayor’s Message

I hope that you have all enjoyed a happy and healthy summer. While recent times have been challenging to us all, the staff at Village Hall and the Board of Trustees has been hard at work throughout, doing everything possible to keep New Hempstead running smoothly and safely.I am also very pleased to report that we have made significant progress on several projects which serve to greatly enhance our village for all residents. Read more about some of these initiatives below.

One lesson the pandemic has taught us has been the importance of having good neighbors to turn to for help and friendship. I am proud to be the mayor of a village in which neighbors truly are like family.

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our board members using the contact information provided below. We always welcome your input and participation at village meetings. I encourage all residents to sign up for our village email list which provides meeting agendas and other important information. Please send an email to to join the list.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy fall and winter.

Abe Sicker, Mayor

Here is a sampling of some of the recent and ongoing initiatives taking place in our village.

    • Completion of the Village Comprehensive Plan – This two-year initiative examined and updated all of the village’s zoning laws based on resident input. The plan also opens doors to allow the village to access multiple grants for further improvements. Thank you to all who attended the charettes and public hearings providing valuable input. Special thanks to the Comprehensive Plan committee members for their efforts throughout the process.


    • Union Road sidewalk grant – The village has been awarded a grant to create approximately one mile of ADA-compliant sidewalks along Union Road.


    • Road paving cost sharing agreements – By working with our local utility companies, we have been able to secure significant funding for the ongoing paving of roads throughout the village. To date, most of the village roads that were previously in poor condition have been either resurfaced or repaved to create smooth, safe driving conditions for years to come.


    • Completion of CVS at the corner of route 306 and Grandview Avenue – This conveniently situated commercial establishment also added a much-needed left turning lane, easing traffic at that intersection considerably.


    • Village Hall partitions – The timely installation of plexiglass partitions allowed for the safe, expedited reopening of Village Hall during the height of the pandemic.


  • Improved processing time for permit applications – With the hiring of new inspection personnel, applications are being processed promptly and efficiently, minimizing unnecessary delays for applicants.
Important Information
Visit our website at

Email addresses: – to receive email updates and meeting information – any questions or concerns – building matters – tax matters

Village taxes are due January 31 and can be paid online at the village website.

No overnight street parking November 1 through April 1.

All trash cans and recycling bins are required to be taken in from the curb on the day of pickup. Please be mindful of this regulation and do your part to keep our village clean and appealing.
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