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   BOT Regular Meeting - May 22, 2017 at 7:30 pm


Dear Residents:

Of note, it has been brought to my attention that people bring large amounts of bread to Sandy Brook Park prior to the holiday to feed the ducks and geese.  Feeding the birds in those parks is a violation of the park rules, is unhealthy for the animals, attracts rodents, and often results in littering.  For the sake of our parks and the wildlife, please do not feed the birds.

Finally, please remember the following safety rules when walking on the roads:
At night wear reflector strips.
Walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
Use sidewalks where they are available, or try to walk as close to the shoulder as possible. 

Feel free to pick-up reflector strips at Village Hall. 

Thank you.

Mayor Fred Brinn



 Christopher P. St. Lawrence



Town Board:  Yitzchok Ullman, Patrick J. Withers, Brendel Charles & Michael Rossman


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         DATE:  APRIL 20, 2017



Free Mulch Available for Town of Ramapo Homeowners Starting on Friday, April 21st  


WHO:       Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence, Deputy Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman, Councilmembers:  Patrick J. Withers, Brendel Charles, Michael Rossman, Highway Superintendent Tony Sharan & Director of Public Works Ted Dzurinko


WHAT:    FREE untreated leaf mulch is available for immediate pick-up by Town residents free of charge.  Homeowners may pick-up as much as they need.  Commercial & private landscapers are not eligible to participate.


WHERE:  Spook Rock Swimming Pool Parking Lot,
 Spook Rock Road, Suffern, New York


WHEN:    Daily Monday – Sunday while supplies last.     ****************************************************************************

(For further information contact Phil Tisi at 845-357-5100 ext. 201)

Rockland Youth Bureau Announces Applications Now Available for

Summer 2017 Conservation Corps Program


NEW CITY, NY – County Executive Ed Day today announced that the Rockland County Youth Bureau is accepting applications for the 2017 Rockland Conservation & Service Corps (RCSC).


Conservation Corps members will perform a variety of outdoor, environmental community service projects throughout Rockland. Responsibilities include educating the public about ecological conservation and environmental health issues, conducting field research, building and maintaining nature trails, teaching environmental education, planting gardens, patrolling streams, facilitating clean ups and implementing recycling programs.


To be considered, students must be at least 18. Members are required to serve 350 hours between June 1 and August 11 at local sites including the Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources, the Clarkstown Planning Department, the Town of Ramapo, the Rockland County Drainage Agency, Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority and Cornell Cooperative Extension, among others.


“This is a great opportunity for students to gain work experience, earn money and make a lasting contribution to their community,” said County Executive Day. “This is an experience that goes beyond the classroom.”


Members are paid a $2,100 stipend that is paid bi-weekly.  Fifty hours of training at Cornell Cooperative Extension are included in the 350-hour time commitment where members are trained in areas including environmental education, trail building, conservation, curriculum development, leadership, team building, safety as well as a variety of other pertinent topics.  Members will also earn valuable work and service experience, network professionally and socially, potentially earn college credit and make improvements in the community.


“It's a terrific way to build a resume, get work experience, be outdoors all summer, make contacts and meet new friends,” said Kathy Galione, Youth Bureau Program Coordinator.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate their enthusiasm for environmental issues, be committed to serving their community and be willing to participate in outdoor activities that include hot and rainy weather conditions and wet and/or wooded environments.


This is a full-time, 35-40 hours per week, opportunity over the summer that is considered community service not a job. Candidates that are selected for the program will have a summer schedule that will permit the completion of the 350-hour time commitment.


Applications are accepted until positions are filled. The program begins June 1, 2017 with most of the service taking place June through August. Candidates can request an application by phone (845) 708-7307/7308 or by e-mail



Below please see the Village of New Hempstead 2017 Adopted Budget

    Adopted budget 2017.pdf


Problem/Goal Statements for Village of New Hempstead

The Village of New Hempstead is seeking to update portions of its comprehensive plan to reflect changing conditions and to address development issues which were not anticipated under the scope and reach of the current plan.
The Village is not seeking to change the quiet residential character of New Hempstead, but rather seeks to maintain the current density of development as a predominantly single family home community.  A broader choice of housing options would be helpful in meeting the housing needs of its residents and expansion of quality commercial developments will also provide a broader and more stable economic base.  The preparation of an entirely new Comprehensive Plan would be too expensive at this time and the Village is not able to commit funding for such an in-depth engagement.  Instead, the Village seeks to prepare an “opportunity review list” or “targeted development area and plan” to help guide its local planning decision making efforts. Among items noted for discussion and evaluation are the following general categories with additional supporting statements:



  • The Village wants to enhance its image/identity and seeks to develop one that will foster the quality of life and the economic   well-being for its residents. 
  • The Village has no identifiable center – commercial or governmental.  The Village Hall is located to the far extreme easterly   side of the Village surrounded on three sides by the Town  of Ramapo.
  • The Village has multiple “entrances or gateways”, but entering the Village is not clearly defined or discernable. 
  • The Village boundaries are irregular with many incursions of other governmental entities deep into the Village.


  • The Village would like to support “smart” housing initiatives.   
  • Additional housing options need to be provided as the characteristics of the population is changing and aging
      a.  “Entry level housing       b.  Diversification of the supply with           i.   smaller units
          ii.   more affordable units
          iii.  the ability to age in place as housing requirements change
  • The Village needs to balance its housing stock to provide a mix of housing opportunities.  
  • The Village needs to provide fair and affordable housing initiatives.



  • The Village would like to support “smart” housing initiatives. 
  • The Village seeks to improve its overall sustainability.
  • The Village seeks to attract high quality designs for developments.  
  • Potential closing of Public Schools present both a significant challenge as well as an opportunity as public school enrollment   declines.  The Village should plan now for zoning that provides for the best potential reuse of these parcels.  
  • Specific properties within the Village have, or will be returning to the market as long term existing commercial business have closed.  These sites offer a unique opportunity to meet a variety of housing or commercial needs within New Hempstead. 
  • Planning for potential reuse of large properties as the demand for various uses may change over time.
Attached please see a PDF file of our Zoning Map.
        ​  ​     ​ 
         VNH Zoning Map.pdf

The Rockland County Health Department has issued some information on Mosquito prevention and other pertinent information.  

 Here are the links:   

  /pdf/CDC Handout Help Control Mosquitoes that Spread Dengue Chikungunya and Zika Viruses (003).pdf

  /pdf/RCDOH Poster Eng-Span (003).pdf 
  /pdf/NYSDOH Poster Pregnant women should not travel to Zika areas 6 2016.pdf

O & R asked that we share the following information.

How to Avoid an Estimated Bill:

Clear the way to the meter

For the health and safety of our field representatives, especially our meter readers, we ask that you maintain a safe area around your meter so that our employees can access it and read it accurately.

Here’s what you can do to help our meter readers get an accurate monthly reading of your energy use:

·      Make sure that trees, vines and shrubs are trimmed near the meter

·      Keep the pathway to the meter free of debris and vegetation

·      Eliminate stinging insects and poisonous plants from the area

·      Keep your dog inside, in another room or away from the meter on the scheduled meter reading date that appears on your monthly          statement   

        If you prefer to submit your own meter reading, please go to



Ronald Piester, AIA, Director

June 30, 2015



Notice of Adoption of Emergency Rule

Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Commercial Buildings


New Uniform Code Provisions

Legislation adopted in late 2014 (Chapter 541 of the Laws of 2014) amended the Executive Law to require that the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (the Uniform Code) include standards for the installation of carbon monoxide detecting devices in every commercial building and restaurant that has appliances, devices or systems that may emit carbon monoxide or an attached garage.


The State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council (the Code Council) and the Department of State have adopted a rule that amends the Uniform Code by adding provisions requiring the installation of carbon monoxide detection (carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detection systems) in all new and existing commercial buildings (including, but not limited to, all buildings that contain one or more restaurants). The new Uniform Code provisions are in section 1228.4 of Part 1228 of Title 19 of the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (the NYCRR).


Effective Date:June 27, 2015

The rule was filed as an emergency rule on June 26, 2015, and the rule (and new Section 1228.4) became effective on June 27, 2015.The rule text in is available by clicking here.


Transition Period for Existing Commercial Buildings:June 27, 2015 to June 27, 2016

New Section 1228.4 includes a “transition period” for “existing” commercial buildings. (For the purposes of new Section 1228.4,a commercial building will be considered to be an “existing commercial building” if it was constructed prior to December 31, 2015, or if a complete application for the building permit for its initial construction was filed on or before December 31, 2015.)


The “transition period” for existing commercial buildings runs from June 27, 2015 to June 27, 2016. During the transition period, owners of existing commercial buildings are encouraged to install carbon monoxide detection as quickly as practicable. However, during the transition period, the owner of an existing commercial building will not be deemed to be in violation of Section 1228.4 if the owner provides the authority having jurisdiction with a written statement certifying that such owner is attempting in good faith to install carbon monoxide detection that complies with the requirements of new Section 1228.4 in such owner’s existing commercial building as quickly as practicable.


Note that the “transition period” provisions do not allow the owner of an existing commercial building to do nothing during the transition period. During the transition period, an existing commercial building that does not have carbon monoxide detection will be considered to be in violation of new Section 1228.4 unless the owner of the building provides the AHJ with a written statement certifying that the owner is attempting in good faith to install carbon monoxide detection as quickly as practicable. In addition, carbon monoxide detection that satisfies the requirements of new Section 1228.4 must be installed and must be fully operational in all existing commercial buildings by the end of the transition period.


Note also that the “transition period” applies only to existing commercial buildings. A “new” commercial building will be required to have carbon monoxide detection that complies with new Section 1228.4, even if construction of that new commercial building is completed prior to the end of the “transition period.”


Proposal for Permanent Adoption

The rule is currently effective as an emergency measure. In addition, the rule has been proposed for adoption as a permanent measure. The Notice of Emergency Adoption and Proposed Rule Making will appear in the State Register on July 15, 2015. Public comment on the proposal to adopt the rule as a permanent measure will be accepted for 60 days following publication of that notice, and may be submitted to Mark Blanke, NYS Department of State, 99 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12231-001. In addition, a public hearing on the proposal to adopt the rule as a permanent measure will be held at 10:00 am on August 31, 2015 at Room 505, 99 Washington Ave., Albany, New York.



A Division of Department of State


John R. Addario, PE

Assistant Director for Educational Services, Division of Building Standards and Code

New York State Department of State

One Commerce Plaza, Albany, NY 12231

(518) 474-4073


Please read news from the DEC regarding Bear sightings

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