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  • Leaf bags and yard waste pick up is on
    Wednesdays beginning April 12, 2017

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    Overnight Parking in the Village is prohibited between the hours of 
    2:00 a.m. and 6:00 am from Nov. 1 to April 1

  • See the New Hempstead Justice Court section
    for all 2017 Justice Court dates. 

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    Our Goal Statements for the 
    Village and our Zoning Map

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  • May 10, 2017 Board of Trustees
    Special Meeting is cancelled!

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Planning Board Agendas 

PB Agenda 5-16-17.pdf
PB Agenda 5-1-17.pdf
PB Agenda 4-3-17.pdf
PB Agenda for 3-6-17.pdf
Agenda PB 12-21-16.pdf
PB Agenda for 10-10-16.pdf
PB Agenda 9-27-16.pdf
PB Agenda 8-24-16.pdf
PB Agenda 8-3-16.pdf
PB Agenda 7-5-16.pdf
PB Agenda 6-8-16.pdf
Agenda for 4-6-16.pdf
PB Agenda 5-4-16.pdf
PB Agenda 3-2-16.pdf
PB Agenda 2-3-16.pdf
PB Agenda 1-6-16.pdf
PB Agenda August 5, 2015.pdf
PB Agenda July 1, 2015.pdf
Agenda for 5-6-15.pdf 
PB Agenda Apr. 1, 2015.pdf 
Feb. Planning Board Agenda 2-4-15.pdf 
Agenda 1-7-15.pdf 

Planning Board Approved Minutes

P.B. Min March 6, 2017.pdf 
PB Dec 21, 2016.pdf 
P B Min Oct. 10, 2016.pdf 
PB Min Sept. 27, 2016.pdf 
PB Minutes Aug. 24, 2016.pdf 
PB Min August 3 2016.pdf 
PB Minutes 7-5-16.pdf 
PB 6-8-16 Approved Minutes.pdf 
PB Minutes 5-4-16.pdf 
PB Min Apr. 6-2016.pdf 
PB Mar 2-2016 minutes.pdf 
PB Feb 3-2016 Approved Minutes.pdf 
Planning Board Jan 6, 2016 approved.pdf 
Approved minutes PB 8-5-15 .pdf 
Approved PB Minutes July 1, 2015.pdf 
PB minutes May 6 - 2015.pdf 

Approved PB minutes April 1, 2015.pdf 
Approved PB Minutes Feb. 4, 2015.pdf 

Approved PB minutes January 7, 2015.pdf 

Board of Trustees Agendas


BOT Agenda 5-22-17.pdf
BOT Agenda 4-24-17.pdf
Reorganization Agenda 4-4-17.pdf
BOT Agenda for 3-27-17.pdf
BOT Agenda 2-27-17.pdf  
BOT Agenda 1-30-17.pdf
BOT Agenda 12-29-16.pdf
Agenda for BOT 11-28-16.pdf
10-26-16 Agenda.pdf
Agenda BOT 9-20-16.pdf
BOT Agenda 9-6-16.pdf
BOT Agenda August 22, 2016.pdf
BOT Agenda July 25, 2016.pdf
Agenda BOT 6-27-16.pdf
Agenda BOT May 26, 2016.pdf
BOT Agenda 4-21-16.pdf
BOT Reorg. Agenda 4-4-16.pdf
BOT Agenda 3-31-2016.pdf
BOT Agenda 2-25-16.pdf
BOT Agenda 1-28-16.pdf
BOT Agenda 12-17-2015.pdf
Board of Trustees Agenda 11-19-2015.pdf
BOT Budget Mtg Agenda 11-5-15.pdf
BOT Agenda 10-22-15.pdf
BOT Agenda 9-24-15.pdf
BOT Agenda Aug. 27, 2015.pdf
BOT Special Mtg. Agenda 8-27-15.pdf
Agenda July 23, 2015 BOT.pdf 
July 16 Special BOT Agenda.pdf 
June 25 Agenda BOT.pdf 
5-28-15 Agenda Board of Trustees.pdf 
Agenda for 4-23-15.pdf 
Agenda 3-26-15.pdf 
Agenda for BOT 3-12-15.pdf

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